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ISO Registration


International Standards Organization (ISO) is aself-governing organization that sets the standards for businesses in relation to their quality, safety, and efficiency of products. An ISO registration improves the status of your service or product. There are different types of ISO certification like

  • ISO 9001 2008 – Quality Management
  • ISO 14001   –     Environmental Management
  • ISO 27001 –      Information security Management
  • ISO 22008      –      Management of food safety etc.

Amongst all the ISO standards, ISO 9000 series is the most prevalent. ISO 9000 is a set of international standards for management of quality managementin addition to assurance of quality. ISO 9000 lays the fundamentals for Quality Management System(QMS).

With the increasing competition among the businesses, it is important to deliver high quality of goods & services in order to withstand in the market. ISO certification helps to improve your business reliability as well as overall efficiency of your business.

We, at Registration SEVA, provide you every ISO, which includes some of the major ISOs like ISO 9001, ISO 1400z, OHSAS 18001, ISO 20000, ISO 50001, etc.

Our company has more than 4 years of experience in the implementation of ISO standards and comprises of a team of professionals and experts.


The ISO certification gives number of benefits and some of the advantages are listed below:

  • Customer Satisfaction

ISO Certification Helps in Improving customer satisfaction, because ISO standards aim to make organizations deliver best and quality services to their customers

  • Helps in Expanding Business

When the company is looking forward to expanding their business globally, ISO certification plays a very significant role to build trustworthiness in overseas business.

  • Helps in Government Tenders

Whenever your organization bids for any government tenders, ISO Certification plays an essential role to bid in tenders.

  • International Trustworthiness

Since ISO Certification is an international recognized mark, it gives due advantage to your business and your products over your competitors

  • Product quality

After obtaining the certification, the product quality matches the international standard, which leads to the chances of less rejection which can occur due to faulty product.

  • Marketability:

International Standards Organization (ISO) agency progresses the reliability of the business and thus helps in developing business marketing directly.


Before proceeding for the registration of the ISO certification, following checklist needs to be taken care of:

  1. Choose the type of ISO Certification as per your business requirement

The very first step which you must take care of is the type of ISO Certification you require for your business which includes:

ISO 9001 2008 –    Quality Management

ISO 14001        –     Environmental Management

ISO 27001       –      Information security Management

ISO  22008      –      Food Safety Management and so on.

So what you are waiting for? Depending on the type of your business, choose one of the certification and contact Registration SEVA for the registration.

  1. Choose an ISO Certification Body

You need to be aware that ISO does not itself provide certification to the companies. In fact, Certification is done by some of the external bodies. It is very essentialfor you to choose recognized and credible certification body. Before you choose the ISO Certification body to avail a certificate, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Assess numerous ISO Certification service providers.
  • Further, you need to Check if they are following the CASCO standards. CASCO is the ISO committee that works on issues relating to conformity assessment.
  • Check whether it is accredited or not. Accreditation is not necessary but they must meet the requirements of ISO Accreditation bodies.

    Documents Requirement

    The documents requirement in case of ISO Certification differs from each type of certificate. Following are the standard documents which you need to get ready before you proceed for the registration process:

    1. First document which you need to provide is the proof of your business which may include:
    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • GST Certificate
    • MSME Certificate
    1. Letter head or visiting card of the business
    2. Invoices/Bills which may include Sale Invoice or the Purchase Invoice

    Apart from the above, there are several other documents which you might require as it differs from certificate to certificate.

    Registration SEVA can guide and consult you further regarding the list of documents requirement for different kind of certificates.

    Registration Process

    Registration SEVA assist you with each and every step for ISO Registration. In India, the process of ISO Registration is as follows:

    1. Fill the ISO Registration Form

    The very first step during the process of registration is to fill out the simple application form with the documents as indicated above.

    1. Select the type of certificate

    Now when you are done with filling out the application form, you need to now select the type of certificate which you require for your business from the list of certificates. Further process of each kind of certification is same.

    1. Submission of Documents

    As discussed, along with the application form, all the documents also need to be submitted to the concerned ISO Registrar. Post this, the documents will be submitted and now you need to make the online payment through any one of the various payments mode available.

    1. ISO Audit

    Once the payment is made, the application form along with the documents will went through verification or audit to check the authenticity of the provided documents by the professional auditors of your certification bodies.

    In case any modifications are required, the applicant must carefully rectify it and resend. If the ISO auditor is satisfied, they will prepare the final ISO audit report and forward it to the registrar.

    1. ISO Certification

    Once the audit is successful, a certificate is issued to your company. Further, it is also couriered at your business address. ISO 9001 certification renewal has to be done once a year and for the renewal, the authorities conduct a surveillance audit to ensure adherence to all the standards.

How can we help in getting registration?

Registration SEVA believes in providing:

  • Fast and Economical Service
  • Minimum Money Guaranteed
  • End to end solution
  • Easy collection of documents
  • Proper guidance at each and every step
  • 24*7 Customer support
  • Registration within minimum time


01. What is ISO certification?

The ISO certification is a seal of 3rd party body that provides the approval that the company runs on an internationally recognized ISO management system.

02. Why would I need ISO certification?

ISO certification is a statement to all the stakeholders, the shareholder of the company, employees of the company those are working upon the set framework to achieve its company’s objectives. By getting the ISO, certification company achieves an increase in credibility and customer confidence.

03. Does an ISO certification work as a permit or a license?

An ISO certification only certifies standards, it has got nothing to do with permits and licenses. Even though you might have an ISO certification, you still need government and authority permission, permits and licenses to work your business.

04. Do I have to renew my ISO certificate?

Not really, but auditors do conduct surprise checks from time to time to see if your business standards and procedures meet the required ISO mark.

05. What is the list of documents required for ISO registration?

The documents required for the ISO registration are PAN Card, Passport size photograph, Copy of Aadhaar Card/Voter ID and two Invoices of sale and purchase.

06. How much time is required to get ISO registration?

The process of ISO registration takes a lot of time and efforts. Again, the time required for the ISO registration depends upon the organization. Registration SEVA aims to provide the registration within 8 to 10 weeks.

07. No, you have to carefully choose the right accreditation based on the nature of your business.

No, you have to carefully choose the right accreditation based on the nature of your business.

08. Who gives ISO certification?

People often say “ISO Certified” but ISO does not issue certificates or certify individual companies to any standard. So who can Grant ISO 9001 Certification? They are issued by certification/registration bodies (also called Registrars or CB’s), which are independent of ISO.